Retail’s BIG Show 2017

NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO earned the nickname “Retail’s BIG Show” years ago and because the name was so appropriate, it stuck. Today, Retail’s BIG Show is NRF’s flagship event held annually in New York City. The three day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking with 33,000 of your newest friends, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions. Even after more than a century – 106 years to be exact – Retail’s BIG Show is still the only place where you can see and experience all things Retail because we’re always adding new programs and updating others.

How Shell uses Data Analytics

Shell decided to look at the data from its customers and see how they could create a better customer service experience and here are some of the things they discovered not just simply from the data in the transactions but by talking and surveying patrons of the locations.

  • 35% of the customers came only for gasoline purchases.
  • About 50% of the people that came to a Shell gas station used it’s convenience store or car wash service only.

Through surveying customers they discovered the items that were driving customer anxiety at the locations:

  1. Waiting to pay in the store
  2. Exiting the station and entering the road
  3. Using the toilet facilities
  4. Choosing a pump
  5. Using the air/water facilities yourself
  6. Availability of products wanted

With the data they collected from sales to transaction patterns and now knowing why customers had anxiety at each location Shell was able to tweak there approach to running their locations. They discovered that they needed to clean up the stations and also light them really well. This is one of the things I noticed about 3 years ago. I travel frequently and there was something about seeing a well lit gas Shell gas station that drew me in not matter what. Even if there gas was priced a few cents over the surrounding places I would take the extra drive and pay the extra per gallon to feel safe pumping gas.

Changes & Results

They went from leading with fuel as their USP (unique selling proposition) to becoming a leading retailer beyond the gas pump. They began offering alternative fuels, treating every customer as a guest and moving to mobile platforms. Essentially they became  more customer-centric, this was the to the revitalization of the Shell brand over the past 3 years. Their bottom line has been steady growing despite lower gas prices and more competition in the market and you can attest this growth to using data analytics in their business. More importantly they took the data and used it in a way that was impactful and meaningful.


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