Power BI: % Market Share

In this tutorial, we will look at all of our manufacturers and drill down to see how much of the market share is VanArsdel taking up and see how much revenue they are producing . We have multiple manufactures who genereate revenue for our company and here we will get down the how these manufactures stack up against each other.

Using DAX formulas to calculate total sales and % total market share.
DAX Calculating Market Share

Below are the 2 formulas you will need to use to calculate first just the sales of the VanArsdel company. The second formula compares VanArsdel individual sales to the total sales of all manufacturers.

Math Logic:
To calculate the total sales we just use the [SUM] function. Finding the total envolves simply adding all the sales of each company together. To calculate the % Market Share you divide the [$ Revenue of specific item] / [$ Total Sales of all items].

1.  VanArsdel Sales = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Revenue]),Manufacturers[Manufacturer]=”VanArsdel”)
2.  % Units Market Share = divide([VanArsdel Sales],sum(Sales[Revenue]))

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