This is an absolutely hands down amazing album. Today I happen to be listening to a Pandora station and the track “After Thoughts” came on and I had to stop everything I was doing to give this artist my full undivided attention. My god, this was like a relaxer for the music soul in me. This artist as far as I have heard for the past hour is a pure instrumental based producer but the subtitles of  that you loose in music by having an artist vocals layered on it are completely unhindered here.

Sounds have been layered copiously but still seem to find there own individual space in a stereo mix. As you know I don’t write about to many music artist on this site but I believe ODDISEE deserves for all to find his music no matter the taste. If you aren’t into jazz or slow music this is the perfect kind of music to have when your girl comes over to just relax the spirit.

You can find more music by ODDISEE on bandcamp: Click Here

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