Learn Faster: Train Your Brain

This was a very good video clip put together using the sound clip of Brendon Buchard’s previously recorded message. You can find more details about it in the YouTube description.

Secret to Learning

The secret to learning is to have a strong enough WHY. Tony Robbins talks about this all the time you can search YouTube for the “RPM Plan”. The key to accomplishing anything great in life begins with knowing why you want to do it. So many people talk about what they want to do our what they ought to do but never follow through and the main reason is because they have no real WHY they want to do it. There is nothing purely motivating their end goal.

I decided that I wanted to help business make more money by anticipating customers needs and improving customer service in the future. That is my driving passion in life when it comes to purpose. Now it so happens that I can do this by becoming a data scientist/ data analyst, so that is my chosen life path. I would also do it in the way of one-on-one training of employees in the area of anticipating customers needs . I have such a strong passion for retail and restaurant service that I am willing to major in a math intensive course to accomplish this goal. I was never the best at math, as a matter of fact I had to do so many extra credit projects to pass my algebra classes in high school it was a quite pitiful.

Getting back to the talk about learning faster, if you find a strong enough WHY you will transform your brain into retaining the information that you need and it will give you quite a high in discovering things you once thought were impossible to learn. It will also help you stick to it long after others would have given up. I have been on my journey for about a year now and I finally decided to go back and finish my degree so that I can learn the information which brings me to my next point.

Get a Mentor

Don’t re-invent the wheel! It’s been perfected to the max already. The same thing is true for your pursuit in obtaining your next goal. Find a mentor or person that has already mastered the skills you will need in order to become proficient at this new task. It may come in the form of online courses or finding a real mentor around you. In self development it could just be going on YouTube and watching every Tony Robbins video ever uploaded or using Udemy.com to pick up photography skills. What ever you want to accomplish in life someone has already figured out how to accomplish the basic levels of getting you to a creative point where you begin to create your own way.

Keys to success

Find out What you want to accomplish, find a strong enough Why you want to accomplish this goal and lastly take Massive Action in obtaining the results. You will see this formula works for every part of your life without fail. The hardest part is usually finding out why you truly want to do something. When I ask people why they want to do something they say they want to do they usually never have a compeling reason and invariably they never complete the task.  They always know what they want to accomplish but then they procrastinate for days on the idea and never actually do it, yet just a few days ago they were so excited to have this thought.

I have been able to accomplish so much in life because I usually have a strong enough WHY before I start doing something. I then find a way to accomplish it with what I currently have available to me. My journey as a Data Scientist began with a need to get out of my then current career and influence things from the top. I knew nothing about programming or even what a data scientist was. I sucked at math and had no clear vision of what I was going to do. But I took time to discover what brought me the most joy in life and said I will persue only those things and it brought me to the successful life I now enjoy.

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