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While checking one of my Google Alerts I came across an article about IBM’s project to create more data scientist in Nigeria and other countries to help meet the demand for Data Scientist in the future. In the article it expanded on a bootcamp that they would be holding to help train people to get data scientist jobs.

Big Data University

I emailed the contact person who was helping aid the program and she sent me some information on the qualifications to enter the bootcamp not knowing that it would also be held in Lagos. I nonetheless decided to review the email and see what golden nuggets might be presented and low and behold I found a link to something called It was a free online learning center that pretty much teaches you everything you could learn at a college level program about data science. I haven’t gotten as far to see if there are statistics and probability course but the core skills that you may need to get started are free!

Data Science Workbench

I was completely taken back by the fact that you could get this type of education from the top business computer company all for FREE! I have spend the past 3 days learning about python and data science and it also gives you access to IBM’s wonderful portal of notebooks called the DataScienceWorkbench. There you will find notebooks that will walk you through Python, R and Scala. If you are a newbie and truly take your time and right notes as you go along you can learn a lot. I highly recommend it and in between my actual school work I dedicate my time to really getting ahead of the curve before I apply for my data science program.

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