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Transforming Your Mind For Wealth

This morning I listened to a podcast on Youtube with special guest John Kehoe that had a lot of excellent points. The first thought that caught my attention was when he was talking about people having limiting beliefs. Yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend and we had a discussion on having money in the future.  This being our first conversation on the topic we had different views as would be expected. Her view was that she always wants to have enough money to be comfortable so she could do things that she wanted to do any time she wanted. My view was I really didn’t care what she did for work or as a career as long as it was something she was passionate about. I knew that passion and a plan lead to success.

We debated back in forth and I thought I made the best argument for the reasons why pursuing a life of happiness was much more rewarding than a life of working at a job that you truly did’t love.  That ah ha I get what his is saying moment never arrived and there it went, we had just had out first disagreement. As a man I was willing to compromise on the topic as I know with a few years I can always change her mind but in spite of my surface level agreement with her views she still was not happy. She thought I was taking the topic halfheartedly but I truly wasn’t. I just understood life in a way that she had yet to truly see. Because I have spent the past 15 years of my life working on self development I know that focusing on just being “comfortable” will leave you right there. I hate being i comfortable! I never wanted to live like others, with no ambition of making an impact on the world and changing my families life forever.

I want to live a life well beyond anything I can image currently. My goal is a net worth of 32 million in the coming years. I would take living off of $35k a year to reach that goal because I know in the process we will have more than we could ever imagined. In the podcast he spoke on people having embedded beliefs of money and ways in which to change them. Which is something I hope will change in her heart one day. One thing I can say as it comes to money in relationships is to understand the persons past and try and get to the core of why they have a limiting belief.

Begin With Daily Gratitude:

John talks about writing down 15 things about yourself that you are grateful for at this exact moment. This starts a path to ultimate mental change we can not yet fully understand. At the beginning of each day you take 5 minutes to read over the list, maybe add things to it but the point is to focus on all the positive things about yourself in your life. Doing this will create a shift mentally that you are worth more than you give yourself credit for and will push you to expand on your life. It can be something as simple as the way make a pancake that you are grateful for or it could be your health. The point is just to start your day with focusing on all the things that you feel make you great at this current moment.

I started meditating a few months ago and it has been one of the most beneficial things. I have a calmness on the inside and I also have a greater focus on what I want in the future. This transposes into me waking up more energized and ready to do things. I also had the chance to listen to Brendon Buchard’s blog post which you will love by reading it here. It talks about how to learn things faster but the core of the message is honestly how to achieve what you want in life. I recommend that everyday you listen to at least 1 self help idea. Many times it pays to listen to the same message over and over so that you can embed the message just as you do your multiplication tables. If I were to ask you what 7 x 7 is you will immediately quote the answer of forty-nine. Why do you know that without really having to thing hard? Because it has been drilled into your mind and anything can be drilled into your mind if you practice it long enough.

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