Booking a Chicago Hotel

Using the HotelTonight app

Normally when I go to book a hotel for a trip I head to the HotelTonight app but I have been noticing that I can book in advance and get somewhat better deals when planned properly. Now I know you are probably saying HotelTonight is made for last minute bookings and I totally agree. The point of this post is not to disprove it but to show the method I used to book a hotel in Chicago for 51% cheaper than had I used the app.

I opened the app to see what the average weekend price would be and there were a large amount of hotels ranging from $270 up to a $429 high roller room.  The Godfrey and the Swissotel seem to have the best deals and value so I looked up the rates for each on Google for the weekend I needed to stay which is in August. I went to the site of the hotel to see if I could get a better rate by booking on the site and of course the rates shown were all top rates.

Finding a better rate

Next I headed to Google to search for pictures and happen to stumble upon Google’s hotel deals by searching for “Swissotel Chicago” and low and behold there was a deal for $161/night for the weekend stay I needed! I did happen to see that Swissotel offers a 10% match if you find a lower price so I decided to call and take advantage of it. After the first person couldn’t give me a deal better than that she transferred me to the “Deals Department” or whatever name she called it. There I was able to tell the operator what I saw online and they got my per room price down to $131.09/ per night!

$270 – $131.09 = $138.91 / $270 = $51.4% in Savings!!!

Save Money through the hotel

Also once the taxes are added on it came out to a much better deal since there are no extra fees included. So my advice is to find the best deal online and then call a hotel and have them match or beat it. The benefit of booking through the actual hotel is that it allows you to have cancellations and other little treats that you can’t get by booking 3rd party. As you can from the final price with taxes and fees I HotelTonight would have been $647 and direct through the hotel was only $307.80 that’s a $339 savings!!! Guess I will be spending that money on something good.

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