Automated IT – Vision of the Future

Creating an automated system that can resolve IT issues without the need for a person.

It can be chat based and instead of opening a ticket and waiting for someone to assist you and 500 other people. We can run a algorithm that reads the request you type in. With that we can narrow the possible questions that would solve your problem and then run a script to verify the issue and resolve it.

Example : A person needs to be networked to a drive for their department. Instead of having to open a chat ticket and be number 39 in que, you can simply open the chat. Type “Put P drive on my computer”. The program will then look up possible matches and show 5 recommended actions such as “Add P: Drive to your computer”. You then type “Yes” and the computer checks the  Active Directory for permission and Department information. It can pull your IP address off the network and also your Employee ID.

How it would work:

It then checks to see what your “Team” calls a P: Drive based on your department and then checks to see if you have permission. Once that is verified then it will load a script on your computer that goes in and :

  1. Check to see if the ip address or the drives exist in your folder already
  2. If not then it installs it and gives it a name
  3. If it is installed it will will let the person know and ask if they need help locating it
  4. It can then save it in a location where it known to be accessible to the user
  5. It will ask the user to verify it has been installed successfully
  6. It can then close the script

All this could happen in less than 1 minute by implementing a program that can install a one time script to solve common IT problems.

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